Väven, Umeå älv

Welcome to Umeå


Happening this week

15 Aug
22 Aug

Kraftskivan Umeå Energicentrum

Umeå Energi invites you to Kraftskiva, a folk festival which is a tradition since 1999. There will be a number of activities for people of all ages. Listen to music entertainment from the stage, play games or just relax with a coffee and fika. Everyone is invited and the entrance is free!
Sun - Sun 20 - 19 Aug - Aug

Free city tours

Umeå was founded in 1622 by King Gustav II Adolf. It was a major tragedy that led to Umeå often being called the “City of Birches”.
Wed - Sun 15 - 9 Aug - Sep

Farmers market

Welcome! Enjoy the fantastic supply of local delicacies! Here you can buy vegetable, cheese, honey, bread, mushroom and a whole lot more. Welcome to Vänortsparken! The Farmers own market is arranged by Hushållningssällskapet together with the producers and Umeå C.
Wed - Wed 15 - 26 Aug - Sep

Umeriver Swimrun

Umeriver Swimrun reaches 21,5 km and can be done in pairs or individual. You will swim in the river and run along and around the river. This all together will create an experience out of the ordinary. The start will take off in Broparken in the center of Umeå.
Sat 18 Aug

The international Lighthouse Day at Holmön

Come and visit one of the lighthouses on Holmön/ Stora Fjäderägg!
Sat - Sun 18 - 19 Aug - Aug


Welcome to Umeå fleamarket, located in the heart of Umeå. Here you will find everything from clothes to pans, old and new.
Sat 25 Aug

Pilgatans culturemarket

The market is open 11-16 and here you can find everything from art, craftwork, food, music and much more!
Sat 15 Sep

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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