Happening this week

16 Dec
23 Dec

Happy New Year Umeå!

New Year celebrations in Umeå. Program from 23:30. New Year's Speech, music, bells and giant fireworks show!
Sun - Mon 31 - 31 Dec - Dec


Creative workshop for children, along with parents. Crafts in different materials and techniques - both traditional and modern. Free of charge.
Fri - Fri 14 - 21 Sep - Dec

Chrismas at Mickelbo Gård

Experience the christmas at the mini farm Mickelbo Gård. Meet the santa claus and trolls, meet and feed the animals, do some crafts and eat christmas porridge in the farm café.
Sun - Sun 16 - 23 Dec - Dec

Traditional Christmas Concert

Welcome to a traditional Christmas Concert with the choir Kammarkören Sångkraft.
Wed - Sat 19 - 22 Dec - Dec

Whole House Party

Do what everyone else does this night - enjoy the night club at Umeå Folket Hus. Live music!
Sat 5 Jan

Twelfth night concert

In this year’s twelfth night concert we meet soprano Jeanette Köhn again and make new acquaintance with the dancing artists Rennie Mirro and Karl Dyall. And also Trio X. The team has toured all over Sweden with this show by now, however – never with a symphony orchestra by their side. Until now!
Sat 5 Jan

Chamber music series

Musicians in close up. Our chamber music series continues! Meet some of the musicians in Norrlandsoperan Symphony orchestra and listen to their favourite pieces! Always in the afternoon at 3 PM and always with a musician-chat after the concert.
Sat 12 Jan

Vertical Influences

Le Patin Libre is the world’s first and only ice skating-company for contemporary figure skating.They have developed a brand new artistic branch that emanates from both contemporary dance and figure skating.
Wed 16 Jan

We – an unknown opera by Bach?

A tribute to humanity through the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Also newly composed music by Siri Jennefelt and Thomas Jennefelt, opera singers, dancers and choir together with Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra and conductor Olof Boman.
Wed - Fri 23 - 22 Jan - Mar

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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