Väven, Umeå älv

Welcome to Umeå


Happening this week

22 Sep
29 Sep

Umeå Fashion Week

Umeå Fashion Week is an arena in which designers, contractors, stores, retail, hospitality and activity organizers build relationships and create business opportunities.
Thu - Sat 27 - 29 Sep - Sep

Umeå Pride 2018

Umeå Pride is a festival that has existed for many years in Umeå. The concept is widespread and established in many cities around Sweden and worldwide.
Fri - Sun 28 - 30 Sep - Sep

Folkmusic and dance

Systerpolskan consists of six of Sweden’s foremost folk musicians who play both newly composed tunes and traditional music from Uppland and Dalarna, two parts of Sweden.
Sat 29 Sep

The Long Long Journey

Ilon Wikland is one of our most beloved illustrators, mostly known for the cartoons in Astrid Lindgren’s books. Now, the poignant story of Wiklands life has become an opera for the whole family.
Tue - Wed 2 - 3 Oct - Oct

Sewing & Handicraft Festival

The Sewing & Hand Craft Festival is Swedens largest festival for sewing, needlework and handicraft.
Fri - Sun 5 - 7 Oct - Oct

La Traviata

Verdi´s Masterpice. “Verdi’s La Traviata is the very definition of a masterpiece” says director Linus Fellbom. It is a powerful story of a young independent woman accompanied by the world’s most beautiful music.
Sat - Thu 6 - 1 Oct - Nov

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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