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23 Oct
30 Oct


The opera tells the story of Faust who weary and disappointed in life, sells his soul to the Devil. In exchange for eternal youth and love, he swears to serve Mephisto – the Devil – in the life after death. He will make a poor woman pregnant, abandon her and kill her brother. The woman goes mad and kills their child. In prison, while she awaits her judgement for the largest violation – Infanticide, Faust gets a revelation and visits her in capture.
Thu - Thu 5 - 26 Oct - Oct

Umeå Jazz Festival

Since 1968, the highlight of all jazz music events in Sweden is the Umeå International Jazz Festival, one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most respectable festivals. The majority of the performances will take place on different stages and venues at Umeå Folkets Hus, every stage has a different character.
Wed - Sun 25 - 29 Oct - Oct

Minor Miracles

He is a gentleman with extraordinary skills. She has been called the magic's enfant terrible. In Minor Miracles they meet in a mysterious theater in the shine of colored lights.
Tue 31 Oct

Umeå Music Society November concert

Traditional concert with Norrlandsoperans symphony orchestra.
Sun 26 Nov


MADE stands for a constantly surprising mixture of different expressions and art forms. This is where international artists of high caliber, local creators, enthusiasts and spectators from all directions come together. Music, Art, Dance, Experience - MADE is much of everything!
Sat - Sun 2 - 3 Dec - Dec

Traditional Christmas fair at Västerbottens museum

Traditional Christmas fair at Västerbottens museum with christmas carols, coffe by the fireplace, and handicraft especially from Västerbotten. Welcome!
Sat - Sun 9 - 10 Dec - Dec

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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