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26 Apr
3 May


In this show you´ll get to follow the Czech Cirk La Putyka when they take you back to the roots of circus with a poetic Point of view. Welcome to an impressive experience with a mix of dance and acrobatics.
Thu 26 Apr

Umeå Musiksällskap Spring Concert

Concert with the symphony orchestra Umeå Musiksällskap.
Sun 29 Apr

Walpurgis Night in and around Umeå!

Bonfires around Umeå you will find through the link below.
Mon 30 Apr


Tough Training Group Umeå organizes Vårdräparn, a multisport competition in two-man teams for experienced as well as beginners in multisport. The competition includes paddling, cycling and running.
Sun 13 May

Blodomloppet - "The Blood Circulation Race"

Umeå is one of Sweden's largest organizers of Blodomloppet. The race offers 5 and 10 km routes for both individuals and teams of 5 people. All the events finish with a gigantic picnic.
Tue - Wed 22 - 23 May - May

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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