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24 Jun
1 Jul

Umeå Live 2017

Umeå Live is back with five eventful days. During these days there is a full program of dance, theatre, sports, ice cream, food, drinks and much more. Whether you are young or old, there is something just for you.
Fri - Sat 30 - 5 Jun - Aug

Brukets dag

On brukets dag, the old factory mill in Olofsfors gets filled with activities for the whole family.
Sat 1 Jul

Wheels Nat's Norr

Norrland's largest meeting for all motor enthusiasts! Together with the local club, Nailheads Wheels Magazine invites everybody, interested motors to a full day at the Dragon area by Nolia. After a long day at Nolia, the visitors continue to the center of Umeå for cruising the night away.
Sat - Sun 1 - 2 Jul - Jul

Dance Band Week at Gräsmyr Loge

Dances are held at Gräsmyr Loge since the 1950's. Nowadays, each evening of Dance Band Week sees several hundred people dancing to the music of popular bands and enjoying the light summer nights.
Wed - Sat 12 - 15 Jul - Jul

Sea Jazz Holmön

Enjoy fantastic music in a wonderful setting when SeaJazz is held on sunny Holmön.
Sat - Sun 15 - 16 Jul - Jul

Umeå Football Festival

International football tournament for boys and girls between 8-18 years. The main area for the competition is the Nydala field but all mayor football fields in Umeå are used during the tournament which host several international teams and results in 900 matches.
Thu - Sun 27 - 30 Jul - Jul

Stora Nolia

Nolia is northern Sweden’s largest fair and expo organizer and is also often hired for national and international consultancy assignments. A total of 200,000 people come together at our fairs and conferences annually.
Sat - Sun 5 - 13 Aug - Aug

Tavelsjö Halvmarathon

Tavelsjö Half Marathon is a race where you run around the beautiful Lake Tavelsjön. The competition has grown to become Norrland's biggest endurance race with 1,000 places for runners. Achievement Awards to top 3 in each division, raffle of great prizes for everyone attending, and everyone gets a memorable prize.
Sat - Sun 12 - 13 Aug - Aug

Swedish Beach Tour 2017

Swedish Beach Tour is one of Sweden’s largest beach volleyball events. Sweden’s elite players take on foreign stars when Skeppsbron is filled with 225 tons of stand and turned into an arena for almost 2,000 spectators. Besides the competition itself, there are also other morning and evening activities at the arena.
Wed - Sat 16 - 19 Aug - Aug

Umeå Jazz Festival

Since 1968, the highlight of all jazz music events in Sweden is the Umeå International Jazz Festival, one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most respectable festivals. The majority of the performances will take place on different stages and venues at Umeå Folkets Hus, every stage has a different character.
Wed - Sun 25 - 29 Oct - Oct

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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