Long-distance skating in Tavelsjö

Address: Tavelsjö Date: Saturday 15 dec 2018 - Sunday 12 Apr 2020 Show map

Address: Tavelsjö

Tavelsjö AIK is an around 20 km long ice course on the Tavelsjön lake, about 30 km from Umeå. The ice trail starts at Sundlingska in Tavelsjö where it is easy to park. The trail is is about 15 km long.

This is a wide, figure-of-eight course. You can skate the whole or half of it without needing to turn round and skate the same way back. Thus, the course is suitable for all – young families on a day out and experienced skaters alike. There are sheltered resting places and barbecue sites around the lake. At weekends, Sundlingska gården offers a heated cabin and refreshments. There is a free bus from Umeå at certain times of the season.

It is possible to rent long distance ice skates at Sundlingska Gården. Price 150 SEK/couple skates/day and they are intended for type of hiking boots. The rent is open Saturdays 10-12, Sundays 10-13. Return is via a door in the wall. Contact Jakob on tel: +46 72-2108045.

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