The Sámi – before and now

Address: Granö Beckasin, 922 95 Granö Date: Saturday 15 dec 2018 - Monday 15 Apr 2019 Show map

Address: Granö Beckasin, 922 95 Granö

We welcome you on a guided 2-hour tour that is entirely Sámi. At the lodge, you will hear Sámi folklore about fire. Sámi coffee will be made, souvas (lightly smoked reindeer meat) will be cooked and laipe (a soft Sámi bread) will be baked. Learn about Sámi life – before and now. Taste all the Sámi delicacies.

Company: Granö Beckasin, Granö, Vindeln

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15 Dec
Saturday 15 dec 2018
16 Dec
Sunday 16 dec 2018
17 Dec
Monday 17 dec 2018
18 Dec
Tuesday 18 dec 2018

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  • Sight
    Granö Beckasin 8 km
    Vindelforsarna 14 km