Ostens Lager - The Cheese Store

Address: Ostlagret, 91534 Ånäset Show map

Address: Ostlagret, 91534 Ånäset

At Ostens Lager in Ånäset, let all your senses experience the emperor of cheeses – Västerbotten cheese! See over 100,000 cheeses reaching perfection. Drink in the aroma and savour the taste.

With over 100,000 Västerbotten cheeses on its shelves, the Cheese Store is a special experience!

Maturing a cheese involves much more than just storing it for a long time. Despite all the available modern technology, cheese maturing is still a craft in which the store master’s finely tuned senses are critical.

Adjacent to the store, a separate building houses an exhibition on the past and present of dairy processing. Here, visitors can also enjoy refreshments in a café that serves bread from an artisan bakery. Clearly enough, you should take the opportunity to buy examples (cut from the block) of our exclusive Västerbotten cheese!

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