The Tavelsjöleden Trail

Address: Tavelsjö Umeå Date: Monday 1 apr 2019 - Sunday 1 Nov 2020 Show map

Address: Tavelsjö Umeå

The Tavelsjöleden trail is 39-km trail that starts at I 20 in the centre of Umeå. It passes by Lakes Piparbölesjön and Hissjön and continues on to Mount Tavelsjöberget. Tavelsjöberget, the Vallberget and Torrberget mountains offer amazing views.

The trail follows an esker ridge and is lined with all sorts of geological points of interest: caves, sandy heaths with pines, valleys, lakes and bogs. At the end of the trail, you can climb one of the highest mountains in the municipality and drink in the breathtaking view of the community of Tavelsjö. It’s easy to find your way because trails are marked, and there are plenty of prepared rest areas if you don’t want to choose a spot all your own.

Torrbergsstugan is for rent privately. Fully equipped kitchen, room for about 25 persons to stay over night. Firewood and kerosene lamps are available. The cabin has no electricity or water. Groomed ski and snowmobile trails from the parking lot below Tavelsjöberget. When the cottage is open there is a little café! Length of the season is dependent on how much snow there is.

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1 Apr
Monday 1 apr 2019 09:00
2 Apr
Tuesday 2 apr 2019 09:00
3 Apr
Wednesday 3 apr 2019 09:00
4 Apr
Thursday 4 apr 2019 09:00

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