Strömbäck-Kont nature reserve

Address: Strömbäck Strömbäck Date: Sunday 16 dec 2018 - Friday 31 Dec 2021 Show map

Address: Strömbäck Strömbäck

Strömbäck-kont is a beautiful nature reserve by the sea, 20 km southeast of Umeå. Enjoy the tranquillity of the archipelago. sunbathe on the ice-polished rocks. Marvel at the magical chickweed wintergreens. find your own path. A popular destination all year round. In the summer, bask on sun-kissed rocks and bathe on Simphamn’s sandy shore. In the winter, the area is excellent for seasonal fishing, skiing and fireside sausages. Paddle in narrow bays, that are neither sea nor lake.

Around Kont, the roads are so well maintained that there is adequate wheelchair access (wheelchair friendly trail). Following the trail, you can experience most of what the reserve has to offer. The landscape is the result of ice sheets and the sea. After having gotten rid of ice’s enormous weight, a new landscape was born from the sea by a rise in elevation of the land of 8 mm per year. Long narrow headlands running from north to south have been formed by the ice sheets. Round polished, channelled rock faces- ideal for sunbathing-show the southerly flow of the melted ice.

In addition to Simphamn, there are several coastal bathing areas close to Strömbäck-kont, including the beaches of Norrmjöle and Bettnessand.

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