Parks in Umeå

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Address: Umeå Umeå

Umeå has a lot of nice parks.

Döbelns Park
Döbelns park is Umeå’s oldest public park and was founded in 1865. Döbelns Park is named after General Georg Carl von Döbeln. A monument in the park recalls the general’s farewell parade for the Swedish-Finnish army after the 1808-1809 war, which was the last war to be fought on Swedish territory. The park also contains a bust of the composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, created by David Wretling.

This park is situated between the city church and the school Mimer. It is an old park but in 1985 it was laid out as a park dedicated to Umeås twin towns. The park has six small "rooms" made up with sculptures given to Umeå by each twin town. Each of Umeå’s six twin towns has a dedicated area of the park. They are Helsingør in Denmark, Vasa in Finland, Petrozavodsk in Russia, Harstad in Norway, Würzburg in Germany and Saskatoon in Canada. In the north-west corner of the park, by Kungsgatan, is an artwork titled Tellus, by Ante Dahlstedt. The inscription on the sculpture reads “May friendship and forgiveness between our towns contribute to peace and freedom on Earth”. This park is situated between the city church and the school Mimer.

Broparken (“Bridge Park”) offers you the river and riverside walks. Terraced grassy banks provide seating at different levels. There is also a flat area that is used as a stage for smaller events and activities. Broparken’s upper parts comprise play spaces, plantings and city allotments. In the winter months, there are areas for both snowboarding and sledging. Broparken occupies the oldest, conserved parts of Umeå. Before the park was created, the area was used as a depot for tar. This was one of the city’s exports. Built in 1863, Gamla Bron (“The Old Bridge”) was the second bridge over the Umeälven River.

Rådhusparken (“Town Hall Park”) is a first choice for city strollers! Central Umeå meets the river here. From Järnvägstorget (“Railway Square”), a tree-planted boulevard (Rådhusesplanaden) takes you through the centre, past the town hall and into this modern, city-park area that is close to the river. Residents and visitors are offered a unique range of new meeting points with elegant plantings, large wooden decks on the quayside, beautiful views and seating areas that are popular for picnics and relaxation throughout the year.

Årstidernas park
Unlike Rådhusparken’s strict symmetry, Årstidernas park (“Seasons’ Park”) is organic in design. This spacious, riverside park offers quiet, green, small-scale garden environments as well as lively activities at the play area or on the green lawns that widen out to the river and away to the “church hill”. This almost 5,000 m² park in a highly central location is used and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

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