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Västerbotten’s coast offers a great variety of fishing. The good water quality especially favours wild salmon. Along the coast there are numerous inlets, bays, headlands, sounds, islands and shoals (shallows), which are ideal conditions for many fish species. There is no restriction on fishing along the coast so you don’t need to have a fishing permit. Frequently it is possible to fish from land and in the evenings the fish often come near the water’s edge.

PERCH AND NORTHERN PIKE Shoals in the creeks and further out to sea are good places for fishing. In the shallows there are often plenty of prey fish for the pike which therefore abound on occasions. Other good places are areas at the mouths of rivers. During the summer, the northern pike bite best in the evenings and at nights. For perch angling the late evening hours are recommended. Good venues: Skeppsvik , Diktesgrundet off Skeppsvik, Holmön, Hillskär in Holmsund as well as Villanäs at the mouth of the Umeälv River.

GRAYLING AND COMMON WHITEFISH A good tip is to go out on a headland or promontory, preferably with shallow water a long way out and a stony or gravelly bottom. Remember that grayling, above all, can come very close to land. A good way is to move carefully forward and start fishing from the water’s edge before casting further out. A good opportunity to seize is a calm evening after a day with strong winds. Fly rod, fly casting or small spinning reel are all appropriate.

SEA TRO UT The chance of catching sea trout is greatest during the spring and autumn, since the fish keep in close to the shoreline. Suitable fishing areas include near islands and headlands, in water where the bottom consists of rough stones and in water that is not too shallow.

IDE The ide, which is frequently quite chunky, is more common in inlets and bays than many believe. It can be fished with both fly and line and sinker.

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