Sami café Tráhppie

Address: Gammlia Umeå Show map

Address: Gammlia Umeå

In Tráhppie they serve coffee, homemade pastries and ice cream with cloudberries. Also lettuce, warm sourdough sandwiches, pizza slices and gáhkku, all with smoked reindeer meet, Västerbotten cheese and vegetables. Open Wednesday-Sunday.

The culture house and café is called Tráhppie, which is Ume Sami and means "a horn with many branches." - Suitable in a house with many activities, says Eva Conradzon, Såhkie, Umeå Sami Association.

Tráhppie is a focal point for Sami in all ages, with organized activities for children, youth and the elderly. But there are also public events in the form of lectures, small exhibitions, concerts jojk singing, language and crafts activities that are open to all.

The arts center and café offer parts from the Sami cuisine - with boiled coffee, coffee-cheese, gahkku (bread) with reindeer steak and ice cream with cloudberries.

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