A shopping eldorado!

Umeå is not only northern Sweden’s largest urban community – it is also the north’s trendiest shopping city!

Shopping i Umeå centrum


Umeå has a vibrant centre with almost 300 shops, cafés and restaurants. All the major chains are, of course, here. However, we also have lots of special boutiques that are unique to the city and which awaken the lust to shop. You will find many characterful shops with wide and unique offerings covering everything from interior and special design to handicrafts and the latest in fashion. More information. 


The main shopping area in the centre is the pedestrian precinct of Kungsgatan. It offers three malls, MVG and Utopia. Between Umeå’s central station and the town hall (Rådhuset),

Rådhusesplanaden offers a rich variety of everything from beauty and home décor to exclusive clothes. Shopping along Skolgatan is dominated by Sagagallerian, an entire mall full of unique stores. Quite simply, Umeå offers city shopping, compact style!



In addition to our popular outof-town shopping complexes of Stora Birk, Strömpilen and Klockarbäcken, Umeå has finally got the longed for IKEA warehouse. As part of the same development, there are also up towards 80 extra shops, cafés and restaurants. Shopping in northern Sweden’s trendiest city is simply getting better and better!

IKEA and the new shopping centre Avion Shopping are at Söderslätt, just 2 km south of the heart of Umeå and near the E4 and E12 highways. Local buses (line 4) are a simple and quick way to travel between the commercial complex and central Umeå’s hotels, entertainment and shops. Everyone finds a favourite shop in Umeå. So, come and shop your way to incredible discoveries!


Farm shops in the Umeå region

Discover the region’s farm shops. They have everything from eggs, meat and potatoes to home-made delicacies – own and/or locally produced. If you plan to visit a farm, we recommend telephoning before you leave. Much can happen on a farm and opening times may have to be changed. Further details about our farm shops.