Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson was a famous journalist and writer and was born in 1954. In the first years of his life, his parents, Erland and Vivianne, worked in Stockholm. Because the family’s living accommodation was so small, Stieg had to live with his maternal grandparents in Norsjö in northern Västerbotten. This area is described in the first book of his Millennium trilogy. Stig Larsson died at the age of 50 as a result of a heart attack

Stieg Larsson Umeå

Hagmarksvägen 36

When Stieg Larson was nine years of age his parents found jobs in Umeå and the family moved to Hagmarksv. He shared a room with his three year younger brother Joakim and before they went to sleep Stieg often told fictional and other exciting bedtime stories.

Norra Ersmarksg. 52

After a few years on Hagmarksvägen, the Larsson family moved the short distance to Norra Ersmarksgatan 52. He realised that Stieg loved writing. Consequently, his parents gave Stieg a Facit typewriter. 

Vretgatan 12

To prevent that Stieg Larsson's writing would disturb the neighbors' night rest, his parents rented a room for him at Vretgatan 12. From their balcony, the family could often see Stieg’s lights burning late into his nights of creativity.

The Mekka coffee shop

Stieg and a one year older chum, Rune Forsgren, together published Sfären, a stencilled SF-oriented fanzine. Coffee was an important fuel for their creativity. The tiny editorial team thus often met in one of two local cafés, Konditori Mekka or Nya Konditoriet on Kungsgatan.


After his trip through Europe, Stieg Larsson did his military service as a platoon commander here, in what was then regiment I20. Erland Larsson recounts that his son was not at all happy at this time, he wanted to write.

Upper secondary schooling at Dragonskolan

Stieg Larsson started his upper secondary education with the two-year social studies programme at the Östra school. He later completed his studies with the social sciences programme here at Dragonskolan. 


When he left upper secondary school, Stieg Larsson wanted to see more of the world. After a period as a newspaper courier, he washed dishes here at Sävargården. He used the money for a hitchhiking trip through Europe to Algeria.



Mariehemsvägen 13 G

For a time, Stieg Larsson lived in a commune here at Mariehemsvägen 13G. However, he soon joined that time’s exodus to Stockholm where he worked as a journalist at the TT news agency before beginning of Expo, a newspaper investigating Sweden’s extreme right.