Gotthards Krog

Which restaurant tonight? Italian, Norrland, Indian, vegetarian...

Good food in lovely surroundings with staff who are there just for you – moments to remember! Umeå offers many such moments. Enjoy!

Umeå’s culinary offerings have both depth and breadth. While you are here, would you like well-made traditional Swedish food or something that has the particular touch of Norrland? Are you, perhaps, in the mood for something Japanese? Not tonight? Italian, Greek, French, American, Indian, Chinese, vegetarian, ecological...? No matter what you choose, Umeå has the answer.

Whatever the cuisine, most of Umeå’s many restaurants love to use regional ingredients such as reindeer, elk, Arctic charr, bleak roe, cloudberries, lingonberries, Arctic raspberries, chanterelles, almond potatoes, meat raised on farms around Umeå... Perhaps it is only to be expected that, in some form or other, Västerbotten cheese is present on nearly all menus, even dessert lists.


Rex i Umeå

Umeå restaurants in Sweden’s White Guide

No fewer than nine of the city’s restaurants have established themselves in the White Guide, the country’s top publication for restaurant recommendations. Hunger & Törst serves the best here and now, given that the seasons are changing and ingredients with them. Also in the Guide are Rex a popular bistro with a bar area that has a tasteful, turn of the previous century décor and Köksbaren, is a restaurant in Umeå and they are specializes in hung and tenderized meat. Traditional Spanish tapas are served, of course, at Tapas Bar Deli. Tapas also has one of the best wine selections in town. Brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks , you’ll get on Gotthard's, which is located in the prestigious Stora Hotellet. A short bike trip from the city center you find Ävtået naturvinbar & ekokrog, a family-run organic restaurant and coffee bar. Out at the beautiful Rovögerns fishing village Kvarkenfisk has its own smokehouse and where the supply of fish is important for what's on the menu. Last but not least, Bistro Le Garage, with its rustic French-Swedish cuisine, is well worth its place in the Guide.


Cafe. Fika.

Pubs with classy offerings and lots of atmosphere

Umeå has lots of pubs with an unusually wide range of beers and whiskies. Some even offer truly great food. Lottas Krog & Pub is long established and continues to serve classics such as fish and chips, shellfish au gratin and well-marbled rib steak. Bishop’s Arms keeps a little more to the main stream with club sandwiches and a wide range of grilled dishes. Pipes of Scotland lives up to its name, proudly guarding Scottish traditions in the fields of food, drink and atmosphere. Sports fans are well catered for with O’Learys.


Cosy cafés and classic coffee shops

Nya Konditoriet, known simply as NK by Umeå’s residents, is the city’s oldest refreshment spot selling excellent pastries (made just over the road in its own bakery). Gamla Bibliotekscaféet has many regulars, a good atmosphere and newspapers for the customers’ use. Next to the SF cinema, Kafé Station is one of Umeå’s largest cafés and is a popular meeting point for young families. Mekka is a classic coffee shop with long traditions and excellent cinnamon buns (and much else to match).  Costas is the place for coffee connoisseurs. Kulturbageriet is located on the indoor square between Stora Hotellet and Väven. Here you can enjoy stone oven baked bread, coffee, soups, fresh squeezed juices, culture and good company. Rost Kaffe offers wide variety of delicious pastries from their own oven. Espresso House in the shopping centre Utopia make their own coffee roasts and bakes bread and pastries at their own bakery. Kafé Anno 1762 is in an old school building in Olofsfors. In a rustic environment you can taste organic coffee and pastries. As many other Scandinavian towns, Umeå has a Wayne’s Coffee. It also has a large number of locally owned cafés with their own particular profiles.

Some of the county's cafés are in the White Guide: Café Anno 1762, Kafé Museum, Kulturbageriet, Nya Konditoriet, Costas of Sweden and Rost  Kaffe.