Happening this week

26 Feb
5 Mar

House of Metal

House of Metal is a two day indoor festival dedicated to various kinds of metal. The festival premiered at Umeå Folkets Hus in February 2007.
Fri - Sat 2 - 3 Mar - Mar

Try Väven!

Eat and drink day all day long!
Sat 3 Mar

Sami week

Sami week – Ubmejen Biejvieh is a celebration of Sami culture.
Sat - Sun 3 - 11 Mar - Mar

The Book Week in Umeå

A whole week with reading in focus. Listen to readings of books and take part in book conversations. 13-19/3.
Tue - Mon 13 - 19 Mar - Mar

Littfest – Umeå international literature festival

Umeå's international literary festival wants to be a vitaminboost in the winter cold. The aim is to highlight the literature from as many different angles as possible and to create a meeting place for anyone interested.
Thu - Sat 15 - 17 Mar - Mar

Vindelälvsdraget (copy)

The Vindelälven river mush is a unique sled-dog competition in the form of a relay race along this beatiful watercourse.
Sun 18 Mar

Umeå Open

The indoor festival Umeå Open is very popular. The festival focuses on good quality pop and rock music of all genres. Leading Swedish and international artists will be in Umeå for action-filled days of Sweden’s largest indoor rock and pop festival.
Fri - Sat 13 - 14 Apr - Apr

Nolia Garden fair

Meet people who share the same interest. A fair filled with inspiration, ideas, knowledge, and garden news.
Fri - Sun 20 - 22 Apr - Apr

Welcome to Umeå – a city that is always at its best!


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