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Bjurholm (Forest area)
Agnäs, 91691 Bjurholm  Kartta
Leirintäalue | A ski holiday in Agnäsbacken contains a delightful combination of sun, snow, skiing, and good accommodation. Agnäs Husvagnscamping offers sites for mobile living at Agnäsbacken's ski resort, The camp is the perfect accommodation for ski enthusiast...
Agnäs Husvagnscamping - The Caravan Camp at Agnäsbacken's Ski Resort

Bjurholm (Forest area, Close to river)
Agnäs 167, 916 91 Bjurholm  Kartta
Leirintäalue | A quiet and family friendly area next close to the hiking trails of the river Öreälven, canoeing, fishing and the exhibition Klangvägen.
Agnäs Stugby – cottages and caravan sites

Nordmaling (Beach)
Ava, 914 92 Lögdeå  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Small and cozy camping with cabins and a beach
Ava Havsbad - Camping

Bjurholm (Forest area, Close to river)
Mariebäck, 916 93 Bjurholm  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Stay on site in the center of Bjurholm’s golf course.
Bjurholms camping

Bjurholm (Forest area, Close to lake)
Balsjö 111, 91692 BJURHOLM  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Angsjöns camping is quietly located in a beautiful setting directly adjacent to the swimming area in Angsjön. Enjoy a relaxing holiday close to nature whenever it suits you. The campground is open all year round and it can be equally inviting in t...
Book a stay at Angsjöns Camping

Umeå (Close to lake)
Nydalasjön, 906 54 Umeå  Kartta
Leirintäalue | First Camp Umeå is located in beautiful natural surroundings by Lake Nydalasjön. You can stay here all year-round. It is a high-class camping site for a stay in a cottage, caravan or tent.
First Camp Umeå

Vindeln (Forest area, Close to river)
Blåkullevägen 4, 922 95 Granö  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Luomuhotelli puolimatkan päässä Uumajasta Lyckseleen ajettaessa. Täällä voi syödä, asua ja nauttia luonnonelämyksistä. Soveltuu mainiosti konferenssiryhmälle tai kaupungista pois kaipaavalle.
Granö Beckasin Lodge

Robertsfors (Beach)
Gumbodahamn, 91532 Robertsfors  Kartta
Leirintäalue | This old goods port has a newly renovated quay, lighting, power sockets and freshwater taps. Next to the boat club’s harbour, there is a countryside site for tents and caravans. The harbour area also has WCs, showers and a services block with cook...
Gumboda guest harbour and camping

Robertsfors (Forest area, Close to river)
Galgbacken 1, 91594 Ånäset  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Come and stay at Lufta Camping! A campsite close to attractive natural surroundings and ideal for relaxation, gatherings and active outdoor pursuits. A stone's throw from service, culture and bathing facilities.
Lufta Camping / Camping

Umeå (Beach)
Skatenvägen 2, 90585 Umeå  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Next to the community building, "Bygdegården" in Norrmjöle there is a campsite with a service facility. There are 43 permanent places with electricity and places for hire for shorter stays. There's about 1 kilometer to the seashore.
Norrmjöle Camping

Robertsfors (Beach)
Sikeå Hamn, 91593 Robertsfors  Kartta
Leirintäalue | The camping site is on a headland that juts into the sea. It offers nine 2 to 4-bed chalets for overnight stays, 60 caravan pitches (all with electricity), plots for tents, a services block (showers, toilets and kitchen), barbecue areas, boat hire...
Sikeå Havscamping

Robertsfors (Beach, Forest area)
Ratan, 91597 Bygdeå  Kartta
Leirintäalue | A natural camping site on grass by a lovely, sandy beach approximately 1 km north of the village of Ratan. For motorhomes, there are also 6 “quick stop” parking places in Ratan’s harbour area.
Storsands Camping, Ratan

Vindeln (Forest area, Close to lake)
Brännan, Vännäs  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Tallbacken Camping & Holiday Village along the Blåvägen (The Blue Route) has an old-time shop, swimming and fishing, miniature golf and a museum with Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
Tallbackens Camping

Solviksvägen 14, 92292 Vindeln  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Vindelns Camping is a small and cosy camping, beautifully situated by the Vindel river in Vindeln (road 363 NW of Umeå) in northern Sweden.
Vindelns Camping

Fritidsvägen 15, 91130 Vännäs  Kartta
Leirintäalue | A small campsite, suitable for families, close to a heated outdoor swimming pool with miniature golf, beach volleyball, water games etc.
Vännäs Bad & Camping

Vindeln (Close to lake)
Byavägen 22, 92275 Åmsele  Kartta
Leirintäalue | Campsite in the middle of Åmsele next to the river Åman which runs into the river Vindelälven. Cottages of varying sizes.
Åmsele Camping

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