Kinabron at lake Nydalasjön

Päivämäärä: Perjantai 14 joulu 2018 - sunnuntai 29 marras 2020 Näytä kartta
Suunnat kohti: From Umeå: Follow the E12 heading north for about 3 km, choose the road heading to Holmsund (road 92 Ö) for approximately 2,5 km. Turn right at the sign that says (along other things) "Holmsund" and follow that road for about 600 m. Turn left at the sign that says "Nydala" and "Umelagun". After that, follow the signs. Walk the remaining part of the way from Umelagun. Local bus 1/7/8 to the stop "Nydala" - walk around 1 km.