Nydala bike park

Päivämäärä: Torstai 13 syys 2018 - sunnuntai 30 syys 2018 Näytä kartta

The cycling and pumping track at Nydala is open and available for all.

The facility is located next to Nydalabadet. There are two different lanes: The large is about 200 meters and the small is about 70 meters long. The courses are suitable for balance cycles, MTB and BMX bikes.

The bike park has been built to maintain a very high standard, but also to suit everyone, both inexperienced cyclists and elite bikers can find a suitable and fun line through the lanes.

Pump Track course:
On a pumping track, the idea is that you can use the movement energy and "pump" all the way around the track, preferably without using your feet. The course also requires you to keep an eye on the obstacles that lie a bit ahead of you. It's not just a fun challenge, it's also makes you practice your forward planning. It is a good ability for all cyclists, also in traffic.

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22 Syys
Lauantai 22 syys 2018 9:00 Nydala friluftsområde
23 Syys
Sunnuntai 23 syys 2018 9:00 Nydala friluftsområde
24 Syys
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