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Osoite: Granö Beckasin, 92295 Granö Päivämäärä: Keskiviikko 1 touko 2019 - keskiviikko 30 syys 2020 Näytä kartta
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    Granö Beckasin 0,2 km Vindelforsarna 20 km Mårdseleforsen 48 km
Suunnat kohti: Grano is located in northern Sweden, an hour from Umeå and 50 minutes from Lycksele. Although Grano is situated in the middle of the last wilderness, it is easy to get here both by plane, train, bus and car. By air Two airports are within an hour’s drive from Grano. One is located in Umeå and one in Lycksele. Umeå Airport is an international airport with three airlines have several departures a day to Stockholm (55 minutes) and Gothenburg (two hours). Lycksele Airport is closer to Granö and you fly from Stockholm in an hour. By train If you prefer to travel by train, you can select the overnight train that departs from Stockholm or Gothenburg in the evening. Then you arrive in Vindeln, 25 kilometers from Granö, the next morning. By bus Take bus number 31 from Umeå towards Lycksele and ask the bus driver to make a stop in Granö.