The Öreälven River Trail

Päivämäärä: Torstai 16 elo 2018 - torstai 2 tammi 2020 Näytä kartta

Öreälven is an unharnessed forest river which is among the most interesting of Swedens`s rivers, geoscientifically. The deep valleys, high banks and meandering course of the river are characteristic features.

Bring a fishing rod when you explore the picturesque countryside along the Öreälven River, with its choppy valleys, sandy banks and meandering curves. The oxbow lakes along the river grew out of ancient water furrows. On your bracing walk from Örträsk towards the sea, you will pass impressive waterfalls, such as Långforsen and Näslandsforsen. The trail is 50 experience-packed kilometres along the Öreälven River from Örträsk past Bjurholm down to Agnäs. The trail then continues south another 40 km towards Kråken, Nordmaling. Seven overnight cabins and a number of picnic sites along the way.

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