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Osoite: Kungsgatan 94, 90332 Umeå Päivämäärä: Sunnuntai 16 joulu 2018 - keskiviikko 30 joulu 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Kungsgatan 94, 90332 Umeå

Blixt Sport organizes guided fishing trips for companies, businesses, associations, and more. The tours goes to waters in the Umeåregion, such as the Ume River, Lögdeälven, Vindelälven, Brooks Lake, etc.. They also arranges trips to northern Norway for cod and salmon fishing. Contact Blixt Sport for current trips and prices.

In addition to guided fishing trips there a fly fishing courses with throwing technique exercises at fishing waters for beginners and for those who want to become better fly fishermans. They also offers fishing school, jig fishing courses, fly tying.

Blixt Sport is a sport fishing center of Umeå and it's surrounding area. Blixt Sport belongs to the largest sportfishing chain. Fishing equipment for all fishing methods and related fishing equipment and clothing and boots.

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