Around the Tavelsjö lake

Osoite: Tavelsjö, 92267 Tavelsjö Päivämäärä: Perjantai 16 marras 2018 - tiistai 29 joulu 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Tavelsjö, 92267 Tavelsjö

Enjoy hiking around the new hiking trail around Tavelsjön. It's possible to walk, cycle and ride around the lake with a length of about 23 km.

The lake with its surroundings offers a beautiful landscape, with beautiful views for the visitors. Tavelsjön is known to be a very good fishing lake and for those who want to experience the lake in summer there are several beaches to go to by traveling by boat or canoe. The lake is also one of the Umeå region's richest bird lakes with several unusual species.

Big parts of the trail offers opportunities for wheelchair users to visit the area. There are 25 information boards around the trail that provides a historical, cultural geographical and geological knowledge of Tavelsjö district then and now. The trail is very well marked with a number of large maps and trail marks with signs and blue paint on trees and poles.

The lake can be reached by bus from Umeå. Bus 16 and 115 have different sops around the lake.

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