Tiger of Sweden

Osoite: Kungsgatan 65 B Umeå Näytä kartta

Osoite: Kungsgatan 65 B Umeå

Tiger is a Swedish men's line that started in 1903 in a small town, now there is Tiger stores in 22 countries and including women since 1997. The shop in Umeå, which opened in 2009 are women, men, jeans, bags and shoes in a wide range.

They hand pick out the Tigers big range so they have a store with an eye for quality and design. They take home what the client wants, and they also sew up costumes and outfits in the fabric of your choice from the Tigers line. You can get advice and help with personal styling by our knowledgeable staff. Tiger also offer a tailor who can make changes on the garments you buy from us. You are very welcome! Carina Holmgren with staff.

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