Run two wild rapids on the Vindelälven river

Osoite: Ekorrsele 81, 922 91 Vindeln Päivämäärä: Keskiviikko 15 touko 2019 - torstai 15 loka 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Ekorrsele 81, 922 91 Vindeln

The Trollforsen (Troll Rapids) tour is a true whitewater adventure. We begin by paddling the 1,100 m long, 8 m drop of the upper rapids. Currents and standing waves mix with the rapids’ roar and shouts of joy. Count on a few “cooling showers” too! After a short stretch of quiet water, we attack the 1,300 m long, 7 m drop of the lower rapids.

The tour starts at Campen (the camp) in Ekorrsele. Here, you are equipped with wetsuits, wet shoes, helmets and approved life jackets. Please make your own way to the starting point. In total, the tour takes 2 – 2.5 hours. Of this, 1 – 1.5 hours are whitewater running. Minimum age, 15.

Wilderness Adventure, Vindeln

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