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Happening this week

2 Oct
9 Oct
  • Survival Kit Festival

    Fri 19 Sep - Sun 19 Oct

    Survival Kit is an art festival about survival on many levels, both globally and locally. It showcases the works of some 30 artists from Sweden and the rest of the world. Survival Kit was conceived in Riga in 2009. Since 2012 it has generated an active exchange between the art scenes in Riga and Umeå.

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  • Umeå Fashion Week

    Tue 7 Oct - Sat 11 Oct

    Umeå Fashion Week is an arena in which designers, contractors, stores, retail, hospitality and activity organizers build relationships and create business opportunities.

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  • Chamber Music Festival

    Thu 9 Oct - Sun 12 Oct

    Cross-border music, innovation and development are the focus during the three-day-long Chamber Music Festival in september 2014. Artistic director is Svante Henrysson, internationally renowned cellist, double bass player and rock musician who grew up in Umeå. He is active in three musical genres: classical music, jazz and rock.

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  • Season opening Tjakttja

    Fri 10 Oct

    Darkness approaches. The temperatures are falling and the earth is getting ready for a long rest after the harvest. But waiting for the next explosion of life is more than just silence. Beneath the surface there is the energy that is Tjakttja – the Season of Desire.

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Tjakttjagiessie - Early Autumn - The Season of Harvesting


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