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Happening this week

19 Sep
26 Sep
  • Textile Days

    Thu 18 Sep - Sat 20 Sep

    The textile fair comes to Umeå! On the theme "Vävlust" (textile lust) you can take part of exhibitions, lectures, sales, tours, courses, workshops and a festive evening. This is the first time for the fair - which aroused great international interest - are located in northern Sweden, so now it will have a northern touch. The fair is organized every three years by the Swedish Vävrådet in cooperation with, among others, provincial handicraft consultant and Västerbotten County handicraft association.

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  • Survival Kit Festival

    Fri 19 Sep - Sun 19 Oct

    Survival Kit is an art festival about survival on many levels, both globally and locally. It showcases the works of some 30 artists from Sweden and the rest of the world. Survival Kit was conceived in Riga in 2009. Since 2012 it has generated an active exchange between the art scenes in Riga and Umeå.

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  • Umeå Smakfestival - Food is culture

    Fri 19 Sep - Sun 21 Sep

    This festival is a presentation of various actors who is connected to food. The festival has a scene in the town centre with various program. Activities related to food, such as mini-lectures, debate and entertainment. Wine and beer tastings will take place at various locations in town

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  • Historic Market

    Sat 20 Sep - Sun 21 Sep

    An old time market which is based on historic material and descriptions from the mid 19th century to the 1930s. This is a period of time when people and goods travelled along the well-used trade routes between Sweden and Norway. The photographer of Västerbotten’s Museum has documented the route from Ammarnäs to Mo i Rana and the pictures will form a background to the historic market with time typical vendors and goods. A couple of stage plays and a market church service at the Helena Elisabeth is to be included in the programme.

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Tjakttjagiessie - Early Autumn - The Season of Harvesting


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