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21 Nov
28 Nov

Snow Fair at IKSU

You can find bargains on winter-related items from the fair's exhibitors or on Friluftsfrämjandets popular replacement market "Snömässan".
So - So 26 - 25 Nov - Nov


Creative workshop for children, along with parents. Crafts in different materials and techniques - both traditional and modern. Free of charge.
Fr - Fr 14 - 21 Sept - Dez

Umeå Jazzstudio

Come and listen to talented jazz musicians playing in Umeå Jazz Studio.
Do 22 Nov

MADE Festival

MADE - mit einer ständig überraschenden Mix aus verschiedenen Ausdrücke und Kunstformen. Hier wird internationale Künstlerinnen und Künstler von hohem Rang, lokale Künstler und Fans und Zuschauer aus allen Richtungen treffen. Musik, Kunst, Tanz, etc. - MADE ist viel mehr!
Fr - Sa 23 - 24 Nov - Nov

Traditional Christmas Market at Olofsfors Bruk

Welcome to a traditional Christmas Market at Olofsfors Bruk.
Sa - So 24 - 25 Nov - Nov

Umeå Europeiska Filmfestival

Umeås Europäisches Filmfestival lädt zu einem breiten Programm mit einem Schwepunkt auf europäischen Filmen ein.
Di - So 27 - 2 Nov - Dez

Mozart, Brittish & the children´s choir

Norrlandsoperan Symphony orchestra. Meet Ruth Gipps, one of England’s foremost female composers. Just like Mozart she was a child prodigy with a rare ability to write music. This concert presents an exciting meeting between Gipps, Mozart, Rossini, and Vaughan Williams. As a soloist, we hear the young rising star Danae Dörken – of the newspaper Die Welt called ”a poet of the piano”. Conductor Eugene Tzigane leads the concert.
Do 29 Nov

Chrismas at Mickelbo Gård

Experience the christmas at the mini farm Mickelbo Gård. Meet the santa claus and trolls, meet and feed the animals, do some crafts and eat christmas porridge in the farm café.
Sa - So 1 - 23 Dez - Dez

Einkaufen am Skyltsöndag in Umeå

Musik, Weihnachtsmann und Santa Lucia. Die Schaufenster sind geschmückt und die Weihnachtssaison beginnt!
So 2 Dez

Christmas in Strömbäck

Enjoy the christmas feeling in Strömbäcks historical enviroment. Christmas fair, musical performance and traditional christmas smorgasbord. 3,8,9 & 10 December.
So 2 Dez


Formstråket is located on between Öre and Hörnsjö is 35 km long. Here you will find six different craftsmen for a unique and wide range of things.
So 2 Dez

Concert with Umeå Musiksällskap & Operastudio Kapellsberg

Welcome to a wonderful concert with the symphony orchestra Umeå Musiksällskap and Opera Studio Kapellenberg.
So 2 Dez

The legacy of Alfhild Agrell

A triple program of physically demanding dance and contemporary music. Alfhild Agrells strong and tragic stories of the “Lappbok” has given inspiration to three choreographers, three composers and one costume designer. The story of the whitest reindeer of all, “Glansvit”, interpreted by the entire company and the story “Black inwardly”, about a horrible accident during the calf’s marking, interpreted as a trio and a quintet.
Mi 5 Dez

Bartók´s viola concerto & Brahm´s Third

Béla Bartók explores the border between the known and the unknown, the wonderful and unimaginable. Brahms’s hopeful Symphony no. 3 seems to want to tell us that everything is possible. In the footsteps of these masters we find the courage and the strength of Missy Mazzoli.
Do 6 Dez

Traditioneller Weihnachtsmarkt beim Västerbottens Museum

Traditioneller Weihnachtsmarkt beim Västerbottens Museum mit Weihnachtsliedern, Weihnachtsspezialitäten und Kunsthandwerk vor allem aus Västerbotten. Herzlich willkommen!
Sa - So 8 - 9 Dez - Dez

Art Friday with Christmas Market

Friday mingle at Bildmuseet with art, bar and free admission! Bildmuseet kick-starts the Christmas market during the evening – now’s the time to grab some Christmas presents.
Fr 14 Dez

The Messiah

Underneath the pitch dark sky christmas approaches and with the atmospheric sound of music, also a promise of light. Since the mid-1700´s, Handel’s magnificent oratorio the Messiah, is an integral part of the music many of us associate with christmas. Tonight it´s this seasons last concert and we welcome you to a colorful evening, where the Norrlandsoperan choir accompanied by four outstanding soloists sing in the holiday season with this baroque masterpiece. Merry christmas!
Fr - Sa 14 - 15 Dez - Dez

Christmas market at Forslunda

Traditional market with around 130 exhibitors. Here you can shop crafts in wood, wrought iron, knitted and felted. Hamburgers, hot dogs, Christmas porridge, coffee and mulled wine. And then some more!
Sa 15 Dez

Willkommen im gastfreundlichen Umeå!


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