Happening this week

7 Dez
14 Dez

Battle of Botnia

It's once again time for Battle of Bothnia to offer high-quality MMA. See Scandinavian fighters make up in the octagon while local fighters are given the opportunity to show what they can do.
Sa 10 Dez

Pilgatans Christmas market

Then it's time for Pilgatans annual Christmas market! At Pilgatan you are welcomed into a delightfully different holiday spirit.
Sa 10 Dez

Saint Lucy Concert

The Saint Lucy’s Day is celebrated for lightening up the long dark winters. Enjoy this concert with students from Midgårdsskolan.
Di 13 Dez

Schwedens kälteste Lucia

Am 13. Dezember schreitet die Lucia der Gemeinde die steilen Treppen des Hochofens von Olofsfors herab. Damit beginnt Schwedens kälteste Lucia-Feier.
Di 13 Dez

Blues Jam (open mic)

During Blues Jam young and old, amateurs and professionals meets to perform under the most relaxed atmosphere to make music together. Bring a friend an instrument or just your good mood and enjoy a moment of the good things in life. Lunch between 14-17.
Sa 17 Dez

Christmas market at Forslunda

Traditional market with around 130 exhibitors. Here you can shop crafts in wood, wrought iron, knitted and felted. Hamburgers, hot dogs, Christmas porridge, coffee and mulled wine. And then some!
Sa 17 Dez

Farm shop day - Christmas theme

The public is welcomed to explore the country life. You have the opportunity to meet with farmers and maybe animals but of coursealso shop locally produced food.
So 18 Dez

Soul Train in Umeå - After Work

Now the concept Soul Train opens in Umeå. After four fantastic years at Café Opera as Stockholm's best after work, the concept is here in Umeå.
So 25 Dez

Silversterfeierlichkeiten in Umeå

Silvesterfeier mit Musik, Reden und großem Feuerwerk um Mitternacht. Seit dem Jahreswechsel 2000/2001 ist dieses Ereignis eine wichtige Tradition für viele Einwohner Umeås geworden.
Sa 31 Dez

Willkommen im gastfreundlichen Umeå!


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