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Årstidernas park

UMEÅ. During sunny days many locals and visitors get together in the park Årstidernas park.

View of Umeälven

UMEÅ. A beautiful view of the river Umeälven. Umeå's house of culture, Väven, is on the other side.


UMEÅ. Bildmuseet (The Museum of Image), is a center for contemporary art and visual culture, beautifully located by the river Umeälven.

Giant clothespin

UMEÅ. Near Bildmuseet is an artwork by Mehmet Ali Uysal: a 9-meter-high clothespin. The clothespin is part of a series of five artworks placed in different parts of the world.

The bridge Kolbäcksbron

UMEÅ. The bridge Kolbäcksbron is a bridge in the east of Umeå, which opened in 2001.

Lake Nydalasjön

UMEÅ. The lake Nydalasjön is a recreation area with many beautiful cycling and walking paths.

River Country

UMEÅ. Öreälven, Lögdeälven, Vindelälven and Umeälven - four mighty rushing streams with wild rapids and fish-rich waters in beautiful wilderness.

Canoeing in the Umeå region

UMEÅ. Paddle a canoe and discover the beautiful nature and animal life close by!

The river Umeälven

UMEÅ. A beautiful summer night by the river Umeälven.

The sculpture park in Umedalen

UMEÅ. The beautiful sculpture park in Umedalen has over 20 000 visitors every summer. It is open year round, with free admission.

Västerbotten's museum

UMEÅ. Västerbotten's museum conserves, preserves and brings the cultural heritage to life for present and future generations. The picture is taken at the Outdoor museum.

Ski exhibition at Västerbottens museum

UMEÅ. Hand-crafted and beautifully decorated skis, snowshoes for man and horse, prehistoric skis, modern ski equipment as well as the oldest ski in the world.

Christmas market at Västerbottens Museum

UMEÅ. Christmas market at Västerbottens Museum

The old Umeå

UMEÅ. In Umeå there are many old wooden buildings. Many of the houses in the city center are pastel-coloured.


UMEÅ. On the island Norrbyskär you can go on a sightseeing tour with a little train. The guide tells all about life in the little model society during the saw mill era 1892-1952.


Museum Norrbyskär offers an exhibition on the life of Norrbyskär, guided tours, museum shop, art exhibitions and games and historical adventure for children.

The Island Norrbyskär

Green and cozy surroundings on Norrbyskär, a lovely summer day.

Shopping in Umeå

UMEÅ. Umeå is the trendiest shopping town in northern Sweden. In the city center there are nearly 300 shops, restaurants and cafes.

Shopping in Umeå

UMEÅ. In Umeå's shops and shopping malls you can find everything from trendy clothing shops to hair salons, home furnishings and toys.

The island Holmön

UMEÅ. The island Holmön's nature is special and large areas are protected as nature reserves. Berguddens lighthouse, as shown in the picture, is one of the island's attractions.

Town Hall

UMEÅ. The Town Hall in Umeå, a summer day.

Wintertime in Umeå

UMEÅ. The river Umeälven and a part of Umeå in the middle of the winter.

Snow sculpture

UMEÅ. The central station is seen through a snow sculpture a snowy winter day.

Winter walk

UMEÅ. A refreshing winter walk in central Umeå.

Christmas market in Umeå

UMEÅ. In central Umeå there is a Christmas market days before Christmas. Here you can buy Christmas gifts and Christmas food and be a part of the Christmas spirit.


BJURHOLM. The ski resort Agnäsbacken in Bjurholm have slopes for all skiers, from children and beginners to experienced skiers.

Älgens Hus

BJURHOLM. Älgens Hus (The Elk's House) in Bjurholm guarantees a memorable experience.

Olofsfors bruk

NORDMALING. Olofsfors bruk is an historic iron mill and one of the best preserved mills in Sweden.

Olofsfors bruk

NORDMALING. Olofsfors had, like other industrial societies, their own school early. The first school building was built in 1831. Today the building is used as a café.

Red cottages

ROBERTSFORS. Cozy red cottages in Sikeå. The Umeå region's coastline is over 800 km long.

Cows in Sikeå

ROBERTSFORS. A lovely picture of cows being reflected in the river Rickleån.

The river Vindelälven

VINDELN. The river Vindelälven is a 453 km long river that flows in southern Lapland and southern Västerbotten.


VINDELN. The rapids Mårdseleforsarna are the grandest and most dramatic waterfall scenery of the river Vindelälven and Västerbotten.


VINDELN. Go hiking among rocks and streams by the rapids Mårdseleforsarna. Within the area there are around 40 large and small islands.


VÄNNÄS. In Västra Selet outside Vännäs you find Glassbonden ("The ice cream farmer"). Here you can enjoy the farm's own ice cream made with only natural flavorings.


VÄNNÄS. Glassbondens ice cream is made from milk from the cows on the farm.